Legacy Products
screenshot from IPANow! for Windows
IPANow! for Windows Desktop

Despite the fresh, clean look of this new website, we've actually been in business for over 14 years. The first software product to bear the IPANow! name was launched in early 2008. It was a Windows distributed application that had most of the same core logic behind it that IPANow! Online has. Even though we decided to retire that product in 2019, we're still happy to support it if you're still using it and have any questions. And if you're a Windows user who'd like to try out the free trial version of that software, you can still download it here. So far it seems to run fine on every version of Windows since XP, but we're not making any promises!

IPANow apps for iOSIPANow! Mobile Apps

In response to users' desire to have the IPA transcription functionality on the go, in 2012 we developed and launched four mobile apps for iOS; one for each of the four languages. As of today they are still available on the Apple App Store.